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Shop Drawings

Fabrication Ready Artwork

Many times clients  will have their own logos with either JPG or complex Illustrator files that are not suitable for cutting vinyl or sending to the CNC router.  All artwork provided unless specified will be ready for fabrication and can be cut into sections or seperated by color to fit the fabrication method.

Fabrication Method

All shop drawings are set to standard architectural scale with dimensions and enlargements where needed.  All shop drawings have full specifications with materials used and installation method.

Print Files

Print files can be sent in PDF, JPG or TIFF file formats to suit your print needs at required resolution.  Most billboard or signs that are large and meant to be viewed at a distance will be sent at 96 dots per inch.  While artwork that is meant to be seen at close distances like point of sale will be sent at 300 dots per inch or higher.

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